Friday, 13 January 2012

Do you ever feel like your back lawn?

Over Christmas our back lawn was lush and green, it was soft, like a great big green carpet.  The kids ran around bare foot, laughing, falling, playing and making the most of the soft, cool grass.  This was due to a number of weeks of unprecedented rain and relatively mild temperatures.  It was a luxury. 

Now, only a few days into the New Year the lawn is dry, rough, wilted with tinges of brown.  Long, hot days have quickly sucked the life right out of it – I think this happens to most of us.  We feel inspired, motivated and excited after the festive period, we are rested and bound into the new year with enthusiasm.  Then life can leave us feeling dry, rough and seriously lacking vitality , whether it is the constant bombardment of negative news stories, growing responsibilities, a few disappointments or set-backs or mundane chores and activities, they all can gradually beat us down.

Despite the weather there are still some beautiful lawns, the ones with automatic pop-up sprinklers, the lawns who get enough water regularly, they remain a lush, green oasis, no matter how hot it gets. So if we are to remain lively, enthusiastic and joyful we need the equivalent of a pop-up watering system.  We need to work out what makes us feel refreshed, loved and vibrant and we need to set it on an automatic timer, which means we need to make it a habit.  If you wait for your lawn to die and then decide to put a sprinkler on it takes a lot more water and time than if your lawn gets water regularly.  It is absolutely the same for us.  We shouldn’t wait to feel like death before we decide to become reinvigorated.

So what would your pop-up sprinkler look like, what makes you feel healthy, cool, soft and luxurious?  For me at the moment it working with my husband to renovate our house,  spending time with friends, playing games with my children, talking to my sister and hearing stories about my nieces, it is reading a good book, enjoying a relaxing Chai latte, getting one of my magazines that I subscribe to in the mail, walking bare foot on beautiful grass, hearing music that talks right to my soul.  I am sure we all have different things.  We need to work out how much of each of these we need to incorporate and prioritise so that we remain at our utmost best each day and don’t get caught in a cycle of lush one week, dried out the next.

I am sure if the lawn had its way it would request shorter days, cooler temperatures, regular rainfall and somebody dedicated to mowing it, however, that is unlikely to happen so it goes into survival mode, it does the best with what it gets.  Again our life is exactly the same, most people have to work, have to get groceries and cook tea, and have responsibilities to children, spouse, friends and community.  We all have to live life and for most of us that involves some tasks that are draining, we have to live with most of that, there is not much we can do.  However, just like a regular soaking of cool water keeps the lawn vibrant and beautiful, regular participation in the things that make us happy and satisfied, will also make us vibrant and beautiful.  We owe it to ourselves and everybody around us to install our very own pop-up watering system.

What do you think?

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