Sunday, 4 March 2012


If I hear one more radio interview or television advertisement that refers to society as being “time-poor” I think I will scream.  I hate the term, it makes me feel like I have been taken hostage by life and it is sucking all my time away against my will.  It makes me feel like a victim of the times, that I am permanently stuck on a tread-mill and I can’t get off. 

Next time somebody asks me how I have been I am going to say “Great, I have been filling my days doing things that I like”.  I do not want to be selfish or lazy but I do want to have control of my life, and I want to spend my precious time on this earth doing what it important to me.

The concept of being time-poor is perpetuated by the desire to make money.  Take-away restaurants want us to be too ‘time-poor’ to cook our own meals, supermarkets want us to be too ‘time-poor’ to grow our own fruit and vegetables, daycare centres want us to be too ‘time-poor’ to be able to look after our children, gyms want us to be too ‘time poor’ to walk to the shops, cleaners, handymen, ironing services all want us to be too ‘time poor’ to take care of our own home, accountants wants us to be too ‘time poor’ to do our own taxes.  The list goes on and on.  It seems being ‘time poor’ makes the world go round.

I am hopeful that rather than just hear and accept this term as a society we can fight back, we can spend time doing what we want, we can be proud to say we are content, happy and peaceful.  I just find it crazy that we have to be seen, and heard, to be busy to justify our existence, being busy seems more important than being happy. 

Two things make me think there is nothing worse than being time poor.  The first is the saying “Where your treasure is, there will be your heart”, which I think means whatever you value, whatever you invest your time doing that is where your heart will be, and this is what will make you truly happy.  If we are time-poor the risk of placing our heart on the wrong treasures is too great.  In the rush the first things that often get left behind are our family, friends, hobbies, faith, all the things that make us laugh, skip with joy and give our life flavour get left behind because we are too busy just being busy.

The second thing is the brevity of life.  There is another saying “You can’t control the length of your life but you can control its depth”.  So if we are so busy being busy what are we doing to give our lives depth.  If I drop off the perch tomorrow I want the days that I had to be meaningful and enjoyable. How devastatingly sad if at your funeral they stand up and say “Well she was always busy”, that is no claim to fame.

I don’t really have the answer to take the busy-ness out of our lives, we do live in hectic times, but maybe if we just try and reclaim our lives a little, if we don’t see it as a competition to be busier than the next person and if we can say we spent the day at home just hanging out without being embarrassed. If we can try and ensure our heart is set on the most important treasures in our lives maybe we can fight the time-poor phenomenon and live a life truly worth living.

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