Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What do you mean there are no Weet-Bix

Yesterday was what I call a ‘valley’ day.  There was nothing mountain top, glorious or wondrous about it, it is a little bleak, cold and lonely, so not really a great day.  I went to Woolworths to buy a few things, not a good thing to do on a valley day but it could not be helped.  One item on the shopping list was Weet-Bix, an absolute staple item in our house. 

Well when I got to the cereal aisle to discover there were no Weet-Bix it caused me to have a mini-meltdown.  I literally stood in front of the empty space and spoke fairly loudly ‘there are no Weet-Bix .... what supermarket in Australia doesn’t have Weet-Bix’.  I had my girls with me who looked blankly as I continued with my rant ‘What are we suppose to do with no Weet-Bix’.  My mind and body could not move on, people walked past smiling politely, and I would wave my arms and throw my hands out in exasperation at the empty spot on the shelves saying ‘No Weet-Bix’.  An overreaction, possibly.  Eventually, being the well adjusted, educated, problem solving human being I am I worked out we could just eat corn flakes for a day, and I was able to move on and get on with my shopping.

In my over-excitement I forget to get porridge from the cereal aisle so I had to go back, and right there before my eyes the shelves were stacked with boxes and boxes of glorious Weet-Bix, I couldn’t believe it, was it a mirage or a miracle.  The Woolworth’s staff member was packing the shelves as I excitedly and loudly exclaimed ‘There are Weet-Bix’ she apologised saying the delivery truck was late but I didn’t care, I could buy Weet-Bix.  I was overjoyed.

Now, I think there is a life lesson here I’m just not sure what it is.  Is it, we can experience  joy after disappointment, but without the disappointment coming first we may miss out on the joy.  Or joy can be found in the strangest and smallest places, or disappointment can emotionally highjack us and make us think and do irrational things, don’t ever go grocery shopping on a valley day or am I just too attached to Weet-Bix.  I would love to hear what you think the life lesson is from this incident?