Tuesday, 1 October 2013

She has lost another shoe

An ongoing dilemma in our home is shoes being lost!  Not the pair of shoes, it is usually just one and it drives me batty. I make threats of “If you lose these shoes you are not getting anymore” but the reality is we live in a town where the temperature is 35 degrees plus from September to April so if you walk on a footpath or road with no shoes it does actually seriously burn the sole of your foot.  As soon as I see a shoe removed I search for it, in an attempt to return it the shoe basket, but sometimes I must admit I get distracted and in a blink of an eye the shoe is gone.

 I have not found an effective way to overcome this problem, so off we go down to Target to buy yet another pair of shoes and this sparks a great dialogue in my head about how money doesn’t grow on trees, then I start listing off all the other bills that need to be paid in the next month, including electricity, telephone, rates, food, car expenses, the myriad of insurances, birthday presents, Christmas presents and I start getting a feeling of dread deep in my stomach.  Sadly, this does not curb my spending; it actually inspires me to spend more because I think ‘Well this ship is going down so we may as well go out in style’.  If there are any Financial Planners reading this don’t panic, I have already been told that I live in a perpetual financial crisis that is not going to end well.

So, as you read in a previous blog, the realities of life sometimes lead to me suffering from the symptoms of P.I.M.P’s or alternatively I pretend my  life is a classic Australian television drama, and I am one of the main characters.  In my television drama I am the well educated, corporate who has abandoned the rat race to realise my organic, hippy, free range tree change in a small country/coastal town, not very original but it works for me.

Haha, do I sound completely mental now, I do love being in my television drama.  After writing my blog about having a poo in my pants a number of concerned friends and relatives urged me to expand my mind, one signing me up for a brain detox program, one suggesting I join the local writers group and one suggesting I need serious therapy.  Following their advice, today, in real life, I went to the library and participated in the Roma Creative Writing Group which I loved and I am going to embark on writing short stories to help expand my mind.  Then I took the girls for a milkshake at a café and I knew everybody there so had fun partaking in light hearted chit chat and it was all so Home and Away/Koala Brothersish.  It made me feel happy and slightly aloof from the reality of bills, endless (endless) housework and the demanding squeaky voices of my beautiful children.

As I write I am starting to think that the heat and wind, the lack of structure that school holidays bring and spending a vast majority of my time with a 3 and 5 year old, I may have lost my grip on sanity, I may be slowly descending into a weird and wonderful world of lunacy.  The exciting thing is I have been reading my Bible a lot more in the past week and every time I open it I feel like Jesus is encouraging me to explore this (temporary) craziness.  So I am keen to document the process because I am hopeful once school returns and structure becomes important (I know I function much better when I am busy) my mind will recalibrate and I will be far more normal, and I remain confident my life has a definite and meaningful purpose and this little journey is integral to discovering my specific objective.

Anyway, I’m off to start my brain detox so my mind will be clear and clean which will hopefully lead to much more normal posts from me - fingers crossed  J

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