Friday, 3 June 2016

What if my life is a direct result of lyrics from songs of the 90's

Maybe it wasn't Mum and Dad, or the schools I went to, or my childhood experiences that have made me the adult I am today.

Just maybe I am the direct result of a bunch of lyrics from the songs I listened to for a decade, or more.

Last night I had a revelation that the music you listen to  really really matters, so this morning I woke up and deleted most of the current pop music off my daughter's iPod and replaced it with great classics to help guide her in life. She is only eight so I got away with it and she thinks ABBA is cool so we are sweet, for now.

I went to the school musical on the weekend and the basic premise of the play is the 'popular' senior girls at a high school form a pop-band to win a Talent Show title and a three year music deal and when the boys find out they form a rival pop-band. It was set in the 1990's - awesome!!

As the music played out I knew all the song lyrics, word for word (I was in High School and University in the 1990's so a huge part of my life), it was such fun.  I began to think these songs may have played a major role in the formation of my thoughts and beliefs and possibly influenced some major decisions in my life.

Can't Fight the moonlight for example, could be responsible for my great love and respect for the power of the moon, check out these lyrics:
Underneath the starlight - starlight
There's a magical feeling - so right
It'll steal your heart tonight
You can try to resist
Try to hide from my kiss
But you know
But you know you can't fight the moonlight

My addiction to self-discovery and self-love, constantly improving my understanding of how my mind works and trying to be my most authentic self, probably comes from Mariah Carey and the song Hero:
There's a hero
If you look inside your heart
You don't have to be afraid
Of what you are
There's an answer
If you reach into your soul

I like to talk waving my hands around and adding expression and emphasis for effect, I like to tell stories with just a touch of exaggeration and I think, for that, I can blame Boyz II Men, how dramatic is End of the Road:
When I can't sleep at night without holding you tight
Girl, each time I try I just break down and cry
Pain in my head oh I'd rather be dead
Spinnin' around and around
Although we've come to the end of the road
Still I can't let you go

I live fairly independently, we live a long way from family, I like to think I can do most things on my own, I find it hard to ask for help sometimes, often to my own detriment and if I don't want to be somewhere or do something then I am gone, I think MC Hammer might be behind this:
I told you homeboy (You can't touch this)
Yeah, that's how we living and you know (You can't touch this)
Look at my eyes, man (You can't touch this)

The idea of settling, of this being as good as it gets, frustrates me, I feel we are always stretching, improving, growing and check out the lyrics to Moving on Up:
Cause I'm moving on up, you're moving on out
Movin' on up, nothing can stop me
Moving on up, you're moving on out
Time to break free, nothing can stop me.

I also believe that little by little, step by step, day by day if each one of us does good we can change the world, through constant commitment small actions lead to big changes and what if this 'wisdom' comes from New Kids on the Block:
(step by step)
Step 1: We can have lots of fun
Step 2: There's so much we can do
Step 3: It's just you and me
Step 4: I can give you more
Step 5: Don't you know that the time has arrived

Then of course I love to laugh and have fun, there were so many good fun songs in the 1990's like Teenage Dirt- Bag, Too sexy, Who let the dogs out. Songs that don't take themselves seriously and are sung and danced for fun, pure fun and silliness.

I am writing this a little bit tongue-in-cheek and just having a bit of fun, but maybe you might like to check the music you have playing in your office, home and car just to be on the safe side!!

I'd love to know some of your favourite songs from the 1990's.

I got highlacked by anger but laughter grounded me


Oh my goodness, I took life way too seriously this week and it hurt my soul and made me tired.

When my life motto comes from planet Sark "Saunter slowly in the sun, eat chocolate cake, and carry a blanket so you can nap", seriousness just doesn't sit well with me.

I know life is serious sometimes but I am a little bit embarrassed about the issue that made me take life so seriously. The school Principal announced he was cancelling school girl netball ... and we love netball and we love(d) our school.

We love the game, we love the community, we love playing for our school and it was unceremoniously being taken away without consultation and that made me really mad and deeply sad.

It seemed like a great injustice was taking place and resistance was called for. It was a terrible decision that impacts not only our school community but the health, social and economic fabric of our wonderful district. School girl netball is a forty year tradition in this district, it is inclusive and it is very affordable, it is really really fun, and the decision maker(s) didn't seem to give two hoots.

For me life is about relationship and netball was a place where many great and diverse relationships were formed and strengthened. I could not find peace so I did what I do, I wrote a lot of letters to the Principal, the Mayor, the newspaper, the local member, and shared my concerns on Facebook.

Writing always makes me feel better but not this time, the fury kept rising. Even after an hour and a half of Radiant Light Yoga I could not find peace. I think I contaminated the energy in the yoga room too with my negative vibes ... oops.

However as the sun rose this morning my soul felt lighter. The problem is not solved but last night we went to the school musical and as four big-hearted, semi-talented teenage boys stood on stage singing and dancing to "I'm too sexy for my shirt" the anger faded, when the senior teachers sang "Teenage Dirt Bag" my spirits began to lift.

I was reminded again that life is fun, being funny is awesome, light-heartedness is a good thing.

Smiling and laughing centred me, it gave me a bit more clarity and perspective. Feeling part of our fun school community again made me happy. Seeing students shine joy and fun was fabulous.

There is always going to be seriousness in life, it is absolutely unavoidable.

We are called to stand up when we see injustice and wrong-doing.

We are called to be the light of this world and it is our intent to fight the good fight and finish the race.

We are called to use our blessings to bless others.

But seriously, I don't need to take life too seriously because none of us get out of here alive.

I need to remember to laugh, and find joy and look for the miracles and the magic and the kindness and the softness because these are the things I love.

So even though I am still really mad about school girl netball being dumped, and I really do not agree with the decision, I am choosing the higher perspective. I will be part of the solution with other proactive and passionate members of the community and I will probably make fun of the Principal behind his back, because it will make me feel better because I am a mere-mortal after all, and surely Principals are totally accustomed to that :-)

So as I skip off merrily to enjoy today I am sending you all loads of light, love, laughter and blessings
Justine x

PS If you agree with the decision to dump school girl netball please do not comment on my blog ... it will cause me to judge you unfairly and unkindly and I don't want to do that!!